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Are you a man, of any age, looking for that beautiful, truly compatible lady of your dreams? Are you willing to travel to meet her? Then you have come to the right place.

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WHAT EXACTLY IS meet-island-girls.com?

Hello, my name is Shaun Elijah, owner of meet-island-girls.com. I am originally from the US but I have lived for several years here in Southeast Asia. I assist English speaking men from all countries in their search for a beautiful Asian bride. If you are looking for a very pretty lady from any age group (20-50+ years), I can definitely help you find her. And, you don't have to be an especially good looking guy. I often see some very sub-average looking foreign men walking arm in arm with their beautiful Asian bride. Because I have fully experienced this area of the world and the incredible beauty, sweetness and compatibility of Asian girls, I am in a unique position to offer foreign men a personally guided "assist" in your search to find that special woman who is exactly right for you. But please understand, meet-island-girls.com is not a sexual tourism company. If you are only looking for a sexual adventure at the expense of these girls, please try a different way of doing that, not with me. I carter exclusively to men who are sincerely looking to be a good man to one good woman, and preferably those seeking marriage.



When I first went to Asia I was totally on my own. As I think back on it now it probably took me a full 5-6+ months to really get a grip on Asian customs, way of living and how to correctly and safely function there. My ignorance and inexperience caused me to make many mistakes. Mistakes that cost me a lot of wasted time. This in turn cost me a lot of extra money I did not need to spend. It also caused me to get into some rather "unpleasant" situations. I learned it all the hard way, but you don't have to. If you travel over here with meet-island-girls.com I can help you eliminate several months of a completely incorrect searching by personally guiding you every step of the way. I can get you "connected" to the woman of your choice from a selection of literally thousands. Understand I am not just using numbers. I have read my website very carefully. I want to make sure I do not make any false claims herein. After all, I'm going to be right here with you guys. So, when I say you will have many thousands of girls to check out in your search I mean exactly that. Each girl having all personal facts and a statement of who she is looking for along with many photos of her. A search for that special someone that might otherwise take you many, many months I can deliver to you in days if not weeks. Why spend many extra months staying and eating in costly hotels and restaurants? What I charge for this service is "peanuts" compared to what you would spend on your own.


Let's be real here fellas. Most places in SE Asia are 3rd world countries. And, although a beautiful part of the world, most of it is often lacking in the safety and efficient emergency support services that most of us enjoy and rely on in many western countries. But it is an area that can be as safe as most places in your own country IF you know what to do and what not to do, where to go and where not to go, where to stay and where not to stay. Obviously this is the key. There are a few places I do not go even in my own country. Not because I'm afraid, but because Mama didn't raise not fool...(ha-ha). Anyway this is another way I can save you a lot of grief over in this part of the world.


Look, I don't know if you're a man from Australia, England, Canada, the US or some other country. Nor do I know why each of you is considering traveling to Southeast Asia as apposed to seeking a compatible lady in your own country. As for myself, I know exactly why I am no longer interested or attracted to American women and am so fully attracted to Asian girls. I won't get into that discussion in any depth here but I would be glad to expound on that subject with any of you, at some other time if you'd like. Anyhow each of you has our own reasons for being curious about the "exotic" Asian woman. All I can do is tell you this. You, (99+% of you) will not be disappointed at all with your Asian lady. There are a few things you need to know but they are relatively minor. We will have more than enough time to discuss all those things on the other side of the "pond" once you arrive here. Oh, one last thing. In my own country, the ages of the man and the woman are ridiculously important, absurdly critical in my society. But, this is not so in Southeast Asia. If you are a man, say in your 60's and desire a girl in her 20's that is not going to be a problem at all. But remember, girls that young can act pretty immature at times. This can be quite a headache in the long run. But of course, the choice and decision is entirely yours.


Firstly, I guarantee that I will perform each and every thing I have described above and on this web page. Additionally, I guarantee that I will do everything that can reasonably be done to get you the woman that you personally choose as quickly as possible. Remember, your age or looks mean almost nothing here in Southeast Asian. Remember also that I have guaranteed you that you will have literally thousands of girls, from all age groups (20-50+ years) to choose from. Each of these beauties will have photos and very detailed profiles with a statement from the girl herself. One more thing. If you have been alone for many years or if you are from the US at this time in history, (or probably many other western countries also) this may all sound too good to be true. But, believe it, every thing I have stated on this site is true and accurate to the very best of my understanding. I have lived it and am living it now. Anyways, think this all over and make the decision that is right for you. Hope to meet 'ya all soon.


There is a one time fee of $395 (US). You are under no obligation for any other fees or charges after that. The one exception might be if you request that I travel with you to some distant place from where we are currently at because you want me to meet a new lady with you. I would then expect you to pay my expenses of that travel, really quite minimal in this part of the world. However, this should seldom if ever happen. This is because 95+% of the time we can convince the girl to travel to our location. This is always the preferred situation. But even if she insists you travel to her for the first meeting you will probably be so confident by that time you may want to travel there by yourself anyway. So, this one time fee of $395 covers everything stated above. I will personally be there with you to direct you in the safest most efficient search to get you with your special lady as quickly as possible. I will provide this daily (as needed) service for a minimum of 30 days. Quite honestly you will probably want me out of the way so you can focus on your girl long before that. And remember you can be asking any amount of questions you want every day during that period. And there is a 90+% chance I will be in that general vicinity after that 30 day period anyway. Most likely I will be available after that period to be asked any questions you may have via text or email. I just may not physically be with you after that as each of us will probably be pursuing our ladies at our own pace after that.


You'll probably have some other questions. Our email is meetislandgirls@gmail.com. At this writing I am in the process of getting a new phone. I will add that number to this site when I have that. But, I will tell you that I am not a teenager that lives every waking moment holding his phone anyway. Honestly my phone is usually off more than it is on. However I am on my laptop several hours daily. I check my email much more often than my phone. If it's important that you speak to me personally you might start with an email and we can set a time that you can call and I will make sure to turn on the phone when I get it.